The Only Compact Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saw That Pivots, Clamps and Cuts

We all love a terrific reciprocating saw, but there are sure barriers inside the construction and cutting fashion of those saws that can tritely gum up a assignment. They may be too cumbersome, too linear and that reciprocating saw blade can really wobble the heck out of pipe, rod or tree department. That's wherein the Porter-Cable Clamp Saw is available in and, well, it truly is in which the Clamp Saw takes the location of your widespread recipro saw, too.

Porter-Cable's PCL120CRC-2 Clamp Saw allows users to do a lot more with a reciprocating saw. While still offering a lightweight and compact frame layout, the Clamp Saw moreover capabilities a pivoting head and an adjustable shoe that doubles as a fabric clamp. In one quick kick, then, the noticed permits you to pivot, clamp and cut higher than you notion turned into viable with a cordless recip saw.


The clamping shoe ensures your cut fabric stays put whilst also making sure fast and correct cuts - and because that pivoting manage sets in three distinctive positions, customers enjoy superior versatility while having overall manage over what and the way materials get the ax (or, the saw blade, to be extra particular).


The Clamp Saw offers variable speeds for extra manage and accuracy for the duration of each application and with up to 3,000 SPM (strokes according to minute) and a five/eight-inch stroke, the noticed can honestly annihilate a slicing challenge. To maintain you glad and productive on the process, the saw's tool-free blade launch additionally ensures simple and speedy blade changes and just if you're operating in negative visibility conditions or tight, hard areas, the Clamp Saw’s incorporated LED work light offers nearly perfect visibility in certainly each work environment.


Altogether, Porter-Cable's Clamp Saw - this fabulous, cordless, pivoting, clamping, reciprocating saw - integrates functions you might not find on different recipros; it is effective, fast-cutting, and durable and offers the extras that make lifestyles and work a ton simpler. But still, and with each due recognize to every of those performance perks, one among my preferred functions of the noticed is really it is light-weight and balance.


If feels amazing to use and with the 12V Max lithium ion battery blanketed, the noticed weighs simply 3.4-lbs - that is much less than half of the burden of your high-quality head (and you deliver that issue round all the time). Ultimately, the saw's frame weight and design make it completely ideal for the ever inevitable tight spot or overhead utility.


The Clamp Saw is nine-half of-inches in overall duration, its 2-1/4-inches wide and functions a available anti-slip consolation grip for more comfortable, more controlled operation. The PCL120CRC-2 additionally includes 12v Max lithium ion batteries, a 30-minute battery charger, four-inch metal cutting blade, a four-inch wooden slicing blade and a hex key for that delightful clamping shoe.